Alpaca Fiber
It's Beautiful and It's Available at 3MR!
  • Alpaca is found naturally in 22 distinct colors. The fiber can also be blended to produced an infinite array of natural colors.

  • The fiber from Alpaca is unusually strong and resilient. The strength of the fiber does not diminish as it becomes finer, thus making ideal for industrial processing.

  • Alpaca is soft, supple and smooth to the touch.

  • Alpacas produce a fine fiber with an absence of guard hair in their prime fleece.

  • Alpaca is easily dyed any color and always retains its natural luster.

  • Alpaca is compatible with either the woolen or worsted manufacturing systems.

  • Alpaca is easier and less expensive to process than sheep's wool due to its lack of grease or lanolin, and Alpaca does not have to be de-haired like cashmere or camel.

  • Fiber fineness and value can be effected by both physical and environmental factors such as genetics, nutrition, color and impurities

  • Alpaca fiber is sought after by spinners and hand weavers. Breeders in North America also have the opportunity to join the AFCNA (Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America, Inc.) where their fiber will be collected, processed and distributed in a number of different ways.

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